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Ever heard of Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome (VRS)?

The process of ageing isn’t the only factor that causes VRS. Pregnancy and childbirth, menopause and variations in weight gain, are factors which impact on all of a woman’s organs and systems. Childbirth requires the vagina to stretch prodigiously in the course of delivery, weight gain also stretches the body tissues as it does in pregnancy and with the onset of menopause, even the healthiest women will experience the natural process of vaginal stretching (VRS).

VRS – When does it start?

This condition first manifests itself in women from the ages of 30-40, primarily due to childbirth or weight gain and continues to affect the mucosal lining of the vagina. The vagina gradually changes from being an organ with a strong, thick, moist mucosal lining, able to regenerate collagen continuously, to one with a thin, frail and dry mucosal lining which is increasingly unable to regenerate new collagen fibres. Collagen is the protein essential for strengthening connective tissue in all parts of the body including the vagina. Just as skin gradually loses moisture and elasticity, so does the vaginal wall and mucosa.

Symptoms of VRS may also include:

  • Vaginal Irritation with itching and burning
  • Dryness
  • Pain during intercourse (dyspareunia)
  • Low vaginal pH, making the environment open to infection
  • Degrees of urinary incontinence due to weakened vaginal mucosa
  • Er-YAG and CO2 Treatment – Two Non Invasive Laser solutions

Prior to GynaeLase procedures to alleviate symptoms of VRS, treatment options ranged from:

Various prescribed tightening creams and sprays to other pharmacological approaches and hormonal pessaries, all of which provided limited results and the need for repeated application.

Behavioural options such as Kegel exercises which have a short term effectiveness.

Surgical procedures in which vaginal and associated tissues are incised and reshaped (vaginoplasty) offer a longer lasting result, but come with increased risk of scar formation, infection or nerve damage.

Now GynaeLase offers three painless, non-surgical treatment options, both of which induce collagen regeneration in the vaginal mucosa, strengthening the vaginal walls and narrowing (tightening) the diameter of the vaginal cavity. Treatment takes only a few minutes and produces immediate tightening and contraction. Both partners will experience significant sexual gratification due to the improved strength and thickness of the vaginal wall. This improved structural strength also assists in supporting the bladder as previously.

VRS no longer needs to be a condition women have to endure, along with its unpleasant accompanying symptoms and causing impact on quality of life.

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