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How long has the SleepTight treatment been used both overseas and at Specialist Clinics of Australia?

The SleepTight laser treatment to alleviate snoring and sleep apnoea has been used for over five years in Europe, North America and South America. We have been using it successfully in Australia since 2012.
It is a big breakthrough in treatment for snoring and sleep apnoea, especially when compared to other alternative treatments such as wearing a CPAP mask, or a properly fitted dental mouthguard every night.

How many treatments has Specialist Clinics of Australia performed?

Specialist Clinics of Australia has performed more than 4,000 successful treatments.

Has the treatment undergone several changes?

Yes, the SleepTight treatment laser type and treatment protocol has undergone several changes. We have gradually modified the laser and the settings, and developed the expertise to enhance the effectiveness of the SleepTight laser treatment.

How does [SCA] monitor if a client’s SleepTight treatment has been successful?

> At Specialist Clinics of Australia we monitor all clients carefully and are conducting a full medical research and development trial on all our clients to follow their progress.
> We have now developed the expertise where we can confidently reduce many symptoms of sleep apnoea and in most cases, stop the snoring by the time the collagen strengthening phase is complete at seven months.
> This is providing they maintain their sleeping position on their side and not sleeping on their back or stomach. This is because those sleeping positions cause the tongue to collapse back, narrowing and blocking their airway.
> We provide a sleeping device to ensure you maintain this sleeping position as part of your treatment program.
> We take a keen interest in everyone’s progress and get them back for a follow-up consultation one month after the initial course of three treatments, each one week apart.
> We follow them up at 4 to 6 monthly intervals, to check their progress and rate their change in symptoms.
> We collate all of this information on a sophisticated program that is able to report to us the progress of every patient and the group carefully.

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