female gynaecology apprehension

Many women are nervous about going to see their gynaecologist. It’s not the most comfortable experience, however it should never deter you from your check-up! It means you’re taking responsibility for your body and it can be calming to know you’re making sure all is going well with puberty, your reproductive system, menopausal issues and more.

Here are five tips to make the whole thing less scary:

1. Go to a doctor who is highly recommended.
It’s vital you go to a doctor who is comfortable and experienced in their field and who has professional bedside manner. Ask your friends and family for a recommendation on a good gynaecologist that’s tried and tested. If you’re extra shy it might be a good idea to see a female gynae who can empathise with your body parts.

2. Have a close friend or family member be your wing-woman.
Don’t be afraid to ask for help and ask a family or friend member come along with you. Some emotional support always helps, and makes the seemingly awkward process go much faster than you think!

3. Tell your gynaecologist that you’re nervous.
It sounds obvious but if you let your gynae know you’re nervous, they’re much more likely to reassure you of the many ‘vaginas’ they’ve seen already today. They’ll also likely talk you through the process and explain what they’re doing which also makes the time fly bye.

4. Think happy thoughts, and relax:
Remember that every woman has a routine gynaecology check-up (or should) so you aren’t the only one. Your gynaecologist does this all day every day during work hours and knows exactly what they’re doing.

5. Appreciate your vagina.
There’s nothing embarrassing about your body. Try to have happy, positive thoughts about your body, especially your genitals — learn to love them and you’ll be happy about taking care of them by going to the doctor regularly.


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