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Not long after Mark Geyer [MG] from Triple M came in for his first SleepTight Treatment at the Specialist Clinics of Australia, he chatted to the Grill Team about it. One thing led to another and before you know it, the boys started a trip down memory lane about the ‘Snoring Olympics’ they featured on their show a while back. Watch the video or read the transcript below to hear what happens:

MG: Boys… I’ve got a confession to make.

GT1: uh-oh

GT2:What’s happened mate? What have you done?

MG: My snoring has started to cause some troubles at home…

GT1: oh dear…

GT2: Just with the missus in the bedroom? or?

MG: No – just with me

GT1: Did she leave you?

MG: No… she’d never leave me! My soul mate…

GT2: Oh, he’s talking his missus up – she must be listening?

MG: Anyway…

GT1: Morning Megs!

MG: Yesterday I went to a place in George St called The Facial Rejuvenation Clinic

GT1: Facial?

GT2: Botox?

MG: Yeah – well what they actually do is put a laser down the back of your throat which stops you from snoring. It tightens up the collagen in the back of your throat. So – I’ve got to get another three treatments, but I want to try to stop my snoring. As you get older, your snoring gets worse…

Mark Geyer Laser Treatment For Snoring

GT1: More drinking as well.

MG: Yeah, they said that – the more you drink, the worse it is as well.; the worse your snoring is. So…

So, it’s the mouth rather than the nose, is it?

MG: Yes! ‘Cause I can’t breath through one of my nostrils because of the footy injuries, so I though it might have been that. So, I’ll let you know how it goes.

GT1: So – it’s your throat flapping away is it that makes the snoring noise? They have to tighten it up?

GT2: That dangley thing

MG: Right…

GT2: Oh… the dangley thing…

GT: You know, it takes me back, boys. Do you remember we used to do the Snoring Olympics?

MG: They were the funniest things ever!

GT1: Let’s go back and have a look at some of our funniest ones from all time. Firstly, we’ve heard of a talking horse, Mr Ed, but a snoring horse? [sound of house snoring] That’s an actual horse snoring! Now this next one, if you liked that one of the horse, have a listen to a Grill Team listener Brian..

GT2: And this is a human?

MG: Yeah…

GT1: OK.

[Sound of Brian snoring]

GT2: It’s like a piddly 50 motorbike!

MG: Now, he sounds like he has a little bit of sleep apnoea…

GT2: Oh, so you’re a snoring expert now?? [they all laugh]. You’ve had one appointment for half an hour, and you’re telling us…

GT1: So if you’re listening Brian – there you go! No last, but definitely no least, we received this one from Simon [sound of Simon snoring] oh… so wet!

GT2: It’s like a dragtser

GT1: He has the footy on in the background! oh… that’s enough!

MG: You know what that last one sounded like? It sounded like a bike, when you put a footy card with a peg on the back wheel and it goes tick-tick,tick,tick-tick… that’s what that sounded like

GT2: What are you talking about???

MG: You wouldn’t have done that, ’cause you weren’t in the fibros – but us fibros used to do that

GT1: Yeah – so I do remember that!

[they all laugh]

7 thoughts on “MG And The Grill Team Talk About His SleepTight Treatment”

  1. S says:

    Can u pls tell me how safe is the laser treatment and if there is any known side effects from it.

    1. SpecialistClinics says:

      Dear S,

      The SleepTight laser treatment is a safe procedure, with no known side effects or medical risks.

      If you’ve got anymore questions, contact us on 02 8459 0312.


      Specialist Clinics of Australia

  2. S says:

    I would like to make a appointment to see a doctor regarding my sleep apnoea….thanks

    1. SpecialistClinics says:

      Hi S,

      The best way to book an appointment for your sleep apnoea is fill in a consultation form: If you have anymore questions, contact us on 02 8459 0312.


      Specialist Clinics of Australia

  3. JB says:

    Snoring and severe sleep apnoea.
    Tried CPAP machine – cannot sleep
    Is laser a cure?

    1. SpecialistClinics says:

      Hi JB,

      We have a lot of patients come in who have had tried the CPAP machine and found it difficult to use. When they tried out the SleepTight laser treatment, they found their snoring and sleep apnoea symptoms greatly improved as a result. If you want more information, just contact Specialist Clinics of Australia on 02 8459 0312.

      Kindest regards
      Specialist Clinics of Australia

  4. S says:

    I do have sleep apnea…

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