Snoring partner

How do you tell your better half that he or she has a problem with snoring without hurting your partner’s feelings? A snoring partner is a very delicate subject.

It is a sensitive conversation, but you shouldn’t avoid bringing it up. After all, your partner’s snoring problem heavily affects your life too:

  • It disrupts your sleep pattern, which is devastating to your lifestyle.
  • It makes you tired, impairing your productivity.
  • You might experience loss of temper & frustration.
  • During the day your body might demand the rest that it was supposed to get during the night. Now, while you should be going about your responsibilities, the only thing you can think of is taking a restful nap.

Perhaps you even doze off at work or, more dangerously, feel like falling asleep while driving?

All of the above reasons are extremely important for you to lead a healthy and fulfilling life. However, keep in mind that next to your suffering, snoring can be dangerous for the snorer too, as the condition has recently been linked to heart disease.

For these reasons – if not for others – you should have the “Snoring conversation” with your partner as soon as possible. While at it, consider the situation your snorer is in, why he or she is not seeking help and how they feel about their health and lifestyle.

Dealing with emotions surrounding snoring

If your snorer has been ignoring the problem for a long time, confronting the issue might stirrup an array of emotions that can progress in stages or be experienced at the same time:

Denial is the most common first reaction after hearing about the problem. Snoring comes with a certain kind of stigma and the snorers can’t believe that they snore. Especially because they are not the ones to hear it at night. If your partner is in denial, the best thing to do is to record their snoring. You can do it in various ways using a video recorder or a cellphone. Confronted with tangible evidence, most snorers accept that they have a problem and try to find a solution.

As we mentioned earlier, snoring comes with a social stigma and because of this it might be humiliating for people to think of themselves as snorers. Be gentle and understanding to your partner, assure him or her that you realise they can’t help it. Confirm your strong feelings towards them. It will be good for them to know that their snoring does not affect the relationship that you share. Do your best to be supportive, sensitive and respect your partner’s feelings. Since snoring affects the lives of both of you, work together to find the solution.

Snoring is a difficult condition to cure and people often do not realise that a visit to a doctor’s office can do much more than all of the over-the-counter aids combined. If the snoring is a problem that you’ve been trying to solve for a time now, you’ve probably also tried most of those aids already. However, the sad truth is that they’re simply ineffective, so it doesn’t really matter what you use, or for how long you use it, they all eventually lead to the feeling of hopelessness.

Fear is a very strong factor that impedes sorting out the snoring problem. If your snorer is committed to dealing with the issue, they have probably already explored several medical treatment solutions available. These involve removing or altering tissue at the back of the throat. All these are invasive surgeries and it’s understandable that your partner is not super excited about going through with surgery.

Considering the above, is there a minimally invasive but highly effective treatment that can solve the snoring problem in your bedroom and life?

Can I SleepTight tonight?

SleepTight is a laser snoring treatment thatworks by tightening the lax tissue in your throat. Patients struggling with snoring have been treated at Specialist Clinics of Australia with SleepTight for many years now and the results of the treatment are spectacular.

Clinical studies confirm that receiving the laser treatment causes tightening of the tissue and neo-collagenesis changes in the throats of the patients. The transformation of throat configuration reduces snoring and helps with other problems related to sleep disordered breathing. Based on that, SleepTight is a good and reliable alternative to more the invasive surgical procedures that deal with the snoring problem.

Now back to you!

  • How did you manage to battle the snoring problem in your bedroom?
  • Why do you think snoring causes such an embarrassment in the snorer?
  • What other techniques have you tried to solve the snoring problem?

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