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JennyOne of the things that we pay particular attention to at Specialist Clinics of Australia is building a team of professional experts. This way, we can be assured that our staff provide a high level of service with our clients, and our clients know they are in good hands when they come to the clinic.

As we are always keen on expanding our team, it is of utmost importance that we maintain high standards when hiring. Jenny is one of our newer team members, and she consults with clients who are looking for a solution to their snoring.

What does a SleepTight initial consultation involve?

Jenny has recently joined the team and works at the clinic as a consultant. Her area of expertise is snoring and sleep apnoea. She performs SleepTight consultations on a daily basis.

If you are wondering what a SleepTight consultation involves, Jenny is keen to explain.

“During a SleepTight consultation,” she begins, “I will ask questions about the patient’s sleep history. I will give advice regarding their sleeping habits and sleeping position.” But, as Jenny highlights, the consultation must also look at all the habits you developed in time that might interfere with the way you sleep: “In order for us to be able to look holistically after the patient, I will also try to get their social history, as the proposed treatment must fit their lifestyle.”

Jenny’s background as a registered nurse

Jenny has been a registered nurse for about 43 years. Throughout this time, she gained most of her experience working in intensive care. “I am a cardiac nurse with many, many years of experience in intensive care,” she says, explaining that she gave up working in ICU due to the continuous need to be working under pressure while being directly responsible for human life.

Nonetheless, it is precisely the experience she gained in this stressful environment that makes Jenny a valuable member of our team. However, it turned out that Jenny was looking for a change… and she found it at our clinic. “I needed a change and regular hours, as having five children and working in intensive care full-time could be overwhelming,” says Jenny. “I wanted the change and I love it here.”

A snorer herself…

Jenny says that one of the best things about working at the clinic is the fact that she can help people who snore.

“I like helping people, which being a nurse lets me do,” she explains. “I enjoy the interaction with patients. Since I had SleepTight treatment myself, and the treatment worked wonders for me, I truly believe in what I recommend.”

If there is one team member who can put herself in the shoes of our clients, Jenny is the one. Living with her snoring problem was exhausting and embarrassing. She knows exactly how each of her clients feels when they come to the clinic, and she can relate to each of their stories. This creates a personal connection between Jenny and her clients.

Luckily, the situation changed for the better when Jenny found out about SleepTight.

“Recently, we slept in a tent,” she recalls, “and I could hear people snoring in other tents. I remembered that was exactly what I was like when we would go camping. People could hear me from the other tents.”

Jenny smiles as she continues, “After the SleepTight treatment, I don’t do that anymore. I am not tired, I do not fall asleep at the wheel, I don’t wake up feeling exhausted. My quality of life has improved so much!”

Helping others quit snoring

Working as a nurse, it is especially important for Jenny to believe in the treatments she is recommending. Jenny describes herself as not having a “salesperson character”, therefore, she explains it would be difficult to take care of her patients convincingly if she did not believe in the results of SleepTight.

But this is not the case. Having experienced the effects of SleepTight treatment herself, Jenny knows she is recommending her patients the best non-invasive snoring treatment available on the market.

Jenny’s personal qualities make her the perfect person for the job. She loves interacting with people and truly enjoys caring for their health. “It’s very important to me that the clients are holistically looked after,” says Jenny. “Clients become like friends after a while. We see each other on a regular basis, and we become part of each others’ lives.”

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