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People come to see us for SleepTight for two main reasons:

1. Alleviate snoring
2. Sleep apnoeasnoringhealthrisks

How does snoring occur?

It all comes down to airway obstruction. The soft tissues at the back of the throat and nasal passage are obstructed so insufficient air passes through. This is heightened when we are lying on our back and our tongue rolls back obstructing the airway. As a consequence we subconsciously take a gasping breath causing the soft tissues at the back of the throat to vibrate excessively which results in a snoring sound. Often we will wake doing this because the snoring is so loud or because the obstruction is so severe. This prevents many people from getting the normal 4 hours of deep REM sleep that we are required to have each day to recharge our batteries.

Who’s more prone to snoring?

Many people snore, especially so as they age or put on weight and recurring snoring definitely affects your sleep pattern and that of your loved one sleeping next to you.

Many people also suffer from some degree of sleep apnoea. There are different severities of sleep apnoea depending on the amount of obstruction and the degree in which the blood oxygen and therefore the brain oxygen deteriorates. True sleep apnoea is when the tongue, the soft palette and the uvula completely obstruct both the nasal passage at the back of the throat and the mouth passage allowing no or very little air to go into the lungs.  This restriction of oxygen to the brain means that the carbon dioxide in the brain builds up causing us to wake up. Over a long time a case this severe can actually cause significant brain injury.

There are many reasons why people come to see us about their snoring and sleep apnoea. Whether it be they are disturbing their partner; they are waking up even more tired in the morning; they are lethargic during the day and can’t function to their normal capacity; they can’t concentrate at work; or in some case are a risk to their own safety whilst driving or operating machinery.  Here at Specialist Clinics of Australia we understand the importance of alleviating both of these problems so our clients can regain their normal sleep pattern.

How does SleepTight alleviate snoring?

SleepTight is a very gentle but effective deep laser treatment that heats the soft tissue at the back of the throat causing an immediate contraction and lifting to relieve the obstruction of the air passage. In addition to this it progressively strengthens that tissue over the next 6 months via the development of a stronger firmer more elastic collagen. If tissues are tighter they don’t vibrate as much and therefore snoring is significantly reduced. We cannot claim that SleepTight will cure all snoring but it will significantly improve the severity and the frequency of the noise made by snoring. But why choose SleepTight?

Most of our clients report being able to breathe better at night with less cases of sleep apnoea and wake more refreshed in the morning. We have clients claiming that they are not as tired during the day; are able to concentrate and perform better at work; are not drowsy at inappropriate times like when they are bored at work or when they are driving; and they are more refreshed in the evening to socialise with the family rather than falling asleep in front of the TV. They sleep better and their overall demeanour and mood improved.

Maybe this could be the answer for you?

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