Dr Garry Cussell discusses the main problem causing snoring or sleep apnoea, how this occurs and how the SleepTight laser treatment improves the condition.

Throat anatomy

Video transcript:

One of the major problems with snoring and sleep apnoea is the position of the tongue. The tongue drops back and obstructs and blogs the airway, it narrows the air inflow into the lungs when we’re sleeping on our back or front, or if we have our neck in a position too far forward, or too far back.

So in a neutral position the SleepTight procedure does what we expect it to do, it tightens, contracts and stiffens the soft palette, so the airway remains open and the reduction in vibration is to a maximum 6-7 months afterwards.

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Target the cause of sleep apnoea

Unlike other treatments and gadgets that may provide short-term relief SleepTight targets the root cause of sleep apnoea and snoring for longer-term restful results, book your consultation today.

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