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Dr Sean Burnet, FRANZCOG (Bachelor of Medicine) addresses questions asked by women on the topic of reduced sexual gratification during intercourse after childbirth or menopause. It is a topic often considered taboo and discussed behind closed doors, however it is a real problem for many men and women post childbirth or menopause.

I’m in my early thirties and have had two pregnancies. My husband and I are finding that we have less sexual gratification since the second birth and so our sex life is suffering. How can I improve sexual gratification?

Laser treatment (GynaeLase) can help improve a persons level of sexual gratification during intercourse. As the natural ageing process continues, vaginal tissues lose strength and thickness and there are less collagen fibres in the supporting tissues. Vaginal childbirth accelerates this process. Now, vaginal laser treatments can increase tightening and contraction in three ways.

Firstly there is an immediate contraction of those collagen cells targeted by the laser. Secondly, there is a progressive increase in the production of collagen fibre and finally there is a gradual thickening of the vaginal lining due to increased production of interstitial fluid. This results in a tighter, moister vaginal wall which should enhance both partners sexual pleasure. *results may vary from person to person

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Does vaginal tightening make any difference to our sexual gratification?

Yes, in almost every case that vaginal laser therapy is applied, a firmer, tighter, more moist vaginal mucosa improves sexual pleasure for both partners and often increases the intensity of sexual climax.

I don’t have any problems with sexual intercourse or climaxing, but I thought if I had the procedure it might make my sexual gratification more pleasurable. Are there any risks or side effects if I decide to go ahead and have the vaginal laser treatment?

No, the GynaeLase laser treatment is a very gentle procedure and there are no reported side effects or complications. The laser pulses simply contract the vaginal tissues, stimulating the development of a stronger vaginal wall.

Depending on the current tightness of your vaginal walls it is likely that there will be a degree of improvement, although the greatest improvements are made on those patients for whom there has been an existing problem with vaginal laxity.

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