Natural Ageing Processes

Ageing and child birth can alter the elasticity, laxity and atrophy of the internal skin mucosa, however many women are unaware or apprehensive about treatment options, as a result they often suffer in silence.

Non-surgical Solutions

GynaeLase is our non-surgical treatment program to address the symptoms commonly experienced following child birth and menopause. Without the need for invasive surgery with it’s associated complications and downtime GynaeLase is an accessible solution that can help women reclaim their quality of life.

gynaelase technology

Example GynaeLase procedure

Technology Tailored to You

We incorporate a range of the most trusted and advanced laser and radio frequency technologies, including MonaLisa Touch, IncontiLase and IntimaLase.

The specific technology we use will depend on the individual requirements of each patient, but each work in a similar way to stimulate collagen remodelling of the internal tissue and contraction of collagen fibres via heat therapy.

Continuous Research & Development

800x515 GynaeLase Research & Development

Specialist Clinics of Australia conduct continuous research & development to monitor & improve treatment efficacy

Specialist Clinics of Australia have pioneered the use of these treatments in Australia through our comprehensive research and development, and our rigorous process of continuous review for improvement.

All of our GynaeLase treatments are delivered by doctors who are specially trained in laser safety and technique.