Dr Garry Cussell discusses the research and development undertaken by Specialist Clinics of Australia in order to make the SleepTight treatment the most effective anti-snoring laser treatment available.


SleepTight consultation.

Video transcript:

We think we have developed a significant expertise in achieving much better results, by modifying the laser type, modifying the settings and many aspects of the treatment protocol.

We are now able to confidently predict that most clients we see have significantly improved both the noise of the snoring, and the airway intake causing oxygen deprivation to the brain and all the consequent symptoms of tiredness and sleep apnoea. This happens a month after the third treatment, when we see people for that first review.

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Backed by research

Specialist Clinics of Australia conduct our own rigorous internal research and development to ensure the safety, efficacy and success of our SleepTight treatment. We are committed to a program of continuous development to ensure we deliver the best results.

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