snoring and sleep apnoea

The majority of people who have sleep apnoea, snore significantly. At the same time, most people who snore significantly have some form of moderate to severe sleep apnoea and this has to be addressed immediately. Often, they are unaware of this.

Both snoring and sleep apnoea occur due to a narrowing of the air passage at the back of the throat. The snoring noise is caused by the vibration of the soft palate, which occurs when the soft palate tissue falls back and obstructs the airway.

This forced breathing, which is also known as forced aspiration, is triggered because our brain needs sufficient oxygen to function and to allow us to sleep properly. When our brain does not get enough oxygen, we sleep restlessly and do not get sufficient deep REM sleep. This usually causes us to wake up feeling tired and not function to our fullest extent.

Therefore, most people who snore also do not sleep optimally and have some degree of sleep apnoea, even if they are used to their usual level of energy and consider that normal.

In virtually all cases, by opening the airway, more oxygen gets to the brain. We sleep better, wake up more refreshed and have more energy during the day.

The only other alternative treatment besides the SleepTight laser treatment program for snoring and sleep apnoea is either wearing a CPAP machine on your face every night and all night, or a properly fitted dental mouthguard in your mouth every night and all night.

What is sleep apnoea? sleeptight
Sleep apnoea is a potentially life-threatening condition where a person’s breathing may stop for a brief period during sleep, and restarts again with a loud choking or snorting sound. It is a significant medical problem causing many social, work and health problems and leads to some serious health concerns including cardiac illness and brain injury.

What is the best way to treat snoring and sleep apnoea?
We highly recommend the SleepTight laser treatment, as the biggest advantage of the new treatment is that once completed, results do not rely on having to put something on your face or in your mouth every night and all night.

Maintenance treatments will be as required to keep the improvements developing. This treatment is also quick and easy, without any side effects.

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