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  • According to a survey conducted by the Sleep Health Foundation Australia, more than 1 in 5 couples said snoring put a damper on their love life
  • Almost a tenth of women claimed their partner’s snoring contributed negatively to their relationship
  • Two out of five women admitted their partner’s snoring forced them to relocate to another room

If you share your bedroom with a snorer, your evenings are long and frustrating and your days are ever more tiring due sleep deprivation. Although your partner’s snoring makes it easy for you to build negative feelings toward each other, a new survey points out the two of you are not the only ones struggling.

Snoring – a misunderstood condition among couples

Whether you and your partner fight often about the snoring, or prefer to leave matters unsaid, the findings of the survey highlight it is time to speak up – snoring is no longer just an annoyance, but a medical condition that requires treatment.

Research shows around two thirds of men struggle with their sex lives as a consequence of snoring. Nearly half of them feel responsible for this condition, as though it is something they should have more control over.

A tiring and frustrating condition, snoring is not only detrimental to the sleep of your partner, but also to yourself. Almost half of women who share their bedroom with a snorer feel the need to retreat to another sleeping area.

Unsurprisingly, bedroom separation makes partners more distant from each other, with both men and women agreeing equally. At its worst, nearly 10% of participants to this survey admitted the condition lead to the breakup of their relationship.

Dr Cussell from Specialist Clinics of Australia feels this is not a surprising insight, as he often hears similar stories from his patients. “Sleeping separately has an obvious impact on the intimacy between couples,” Dr Cussell explains. “Compounding this, lack of sleep has long been proven to impede on a person’s ability to rationalise and leads to feelings of frustration and paranoia, therefore it is not unheard of that couples might break up when at their most fragile state.”

A specialist in snoring therapies, Dr Cussell feels partners might even experience conflict differently due to poor sleep. “It can dramatically affect your decision making. You are no longer able to think straight and that’s when you make rash decisions.”

It is no wonder the condition can be extremely frustrating as much for yourself, as it is for your partner and the others around you. “Confining to new areas for rest, not discussing the condition and lashing out on your partner are understandable shortcuts. But these are not solutions. Speaking up and getting the right medical treatments is,” states Dr Cussell.

SleepTight – a treatment that can help you and your partner get the rest you deserve

SleepTight is a revolutionary laser treatment that focuses on tightening the soft throat tissue, thus allowing the air to circulate from the throat to the lungs easier. A safe, non-invasive laser technique with no necessary time for recovery, SleepTight is a frontrunner for effectively treating sleep apnoea and snoring, not just the symptoms.

Dr Cussell explains the procedure as “a way to reduce snoring in terms of loudness and frequency”. By allowing patients to breathe easier, SleepTight helps improve quality of life for both yourself and your partner.

How SleepTight works

Depending on the severity of the condition, multiple sessions are required leading to rarer or best case scenario, no snoring at all. The laser treatments works in three steps:

  • The mechanism of action of these laser treatments is to tighten, lift and strengthen the soft palate.
  • The laser light begins to heat the tissue, causing it to tighten and become more firm
  • This frees enough of the obstruction in the airway to prevent a lot of of the desaturation of oxygen in the blood and thus the brain.

In time, you will start to notice a few changes in your partner’s sleep, and very soon, in your own. Repeated session are the quickest way to achieve the results you dream of.

What our happy customers have to say

Specialist Clinics of Australia was the first clinic to introduce the revolutionary SleepTight treatment to the Australian public. The benefits of the treatment speak for themselves – rigorous and ongoing clinical studies among our patients demonstrate an 85% success rate with fewer snoring sessions and sleep improvement.

However it’s the feedback from patients that really reveals the life-changing effects of the treatment.

Jenny, who is now a proud staff member with Specialist Clinics of Australia, recalls the months of no sleep and the toll it took on her personal life. “After the SleepTight treatment. I am not tired, I do not fall asleep at the wheel, I don’t wake up feeling exhausted. My quality of life has improved so much!”

Michael, 24 has had trouble sleeping almost his entire adult life. SleepTight allowed him to conquer sleep disturbance, speak up about his condition and build better relationships with those closest to him. “Before SleepTight, I was insecure about sharing the bedroom with someone else, as previous partners pointed out the severity of my condition. Now I am not ashamed anymore, because I know it is treatable. SleepTight allowed me to get the rest I needed, at the right time. My life has never been the same since.”

When in doubt, think back at the number of people who are going through the same thing as you and your partner. Consider the SleepTight success rate and what it could mean to your relationship.

Only one in seven women claim to have brought up this talk with their partner and encourage pursuit of treatment. Accepting snoring and sleep disturbances as conditions with good treatment options will help you and your partner communicate better and get through this together.

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