Snoring & sleep apnoea treatment statistics

That noisy breathing during sleep, generally known as snoring refers to the process which occurs when the flow of air through the throat is physically obstructed. Sometimes, this can also lead to another condition called Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA), which involves repeated episodes of airway obstruction during sleep, due to relaxation of the tongue and airway-muscles.

Although fairly common amongst the majority of the population, sleep disorders not only affect the entire sleep process as a whole, but they can also severely impact a person’s health and quality of life.

It is estimated that sleep disorders affect more than 1.5 million Australians, while 80% of people with a sleep disorder are undiagnosed and remain at risk.

With so many associated medical conditions linked to snoring and sleep apnoea, you have probably started to search for suitable treatments. Unfortunately, the medical world does not offer many treatment alternatives apart from adjusting your sleeping position or using special patches or CPAP machines. These solutions are uncomfortable and very rarely prove to be efficient in solving the problem.

A revolutionary alternative to traditional snoring and sleep apnoea treatments

Following his personal experience in dealing with snoring issues, Dr Garry Cussell from Specialist Clinics of Australia was the first in Australia to introduce SleepTight, a ground-breaking laser-based snoring treatment which focuses on tightening the soft throat tissue that would otherwise relax and obstruct the air passage from the throat to the lungs. What differentiates this treatment from other alternatives is the fact that it is a no-mouth guard snoring solution, based solely on a non-invasive laser technique

How does SleepTight work?

“SleepTight is used to reduce snoring in terms of loudness and frequency,” explains Dr Cussell,  “it depends on the severity of each individual case. It ensures that patients can breathe easier, and in some instances it can even cure snoring completely.”

Here are the general steps of the SleepTight treatment:

  • The laser penetrates a focused light into the tissue that is causing the throat obstruction.
  • The light then heats and tightens the lax throat tissue, causing it to strengthen and lift.
  • Finally, the laser works by unblocking the air passage in the  patients throat, thus reducing snoring and the frequency of sleep apnoea episodes.

Expertise acquired through success-driven results

Specialist Clinics of Australia is proud to be one of the most experienced clinics in Australia offering laser treatment for snoring and sleep apnoea disorders. We are among the first clinics in Sydney to provide this type of alternative medical care.

Specialist Clinics of Australia’s SleepTight experience and results

  • Our breakthrough medical treatment for those who suffer from snoring and sleep apnoea disorders has allowed for more than 2,000 SleepTight treatments to be conducted at our clinic, including high profile clients such as the Big Marn & Mark Geyer
  • Overall, over 85% of the patients have had a significant symptomatic improvement of both snoring and sleep disturbance.

Effectiveness of the SleepTight snoring treatment

The results our patients have witnessed during/after SleepTight indicate that full, visible effects are obtained within a month after the third treatment.

What is even better is that the majority of SleepTight clients witness a definite change and improvement of sleep that lasts for at least one year or more following the treatment.

The success of SleepTight has stirred attention. So much so, that Specialist Clinics of Australia was contacted by A Current Affair last year to cover on Australian television:

Useful advice: Depending on the severity of the condition and the tissue laxity of each individual, repeated maintenance treatments are required to increase new collagen growth and maintain the strength of the skin.

Dr Cussell highlights that, in order to achieve the best results, “the general protocol for a SleepTight treatment consists of three sessions within a month, typically followed with 1-2 maintenance treatments per year.” However, Dr Cussell also emphasises, “Each client is unique and we cannot apply the same treatments to everyone who comes to Specialist Clinics of Australia for SleepTight. Sometimes, we might recommend a combination of treatments to reduce snoring, such as SleepTight and liposuction around the neck.”

Maintenance treatments:

  • It is anticipated that younger people and adults under the age of 50 may need a single maintenance treatment every 12 months.
  • On the other hand, people above 50 who have increased tissue laxity, may require two single maintenance treatments per year.

Specialist Clinics of Australia continuously monitoring SleepTight efficiency through R&D

As part of our commitment to delivering clinical excellence Specialist Clinics of Australia conduct ongoing research and development on all our SleepTight treatments to ensure our efficacy levels remain at the highest levels and are improved where possible.

Given the fact that our SleepTight laser treatment for snoring has proven to be an extremely effective method for reducing sleep apnoea issues, the protocol hasn’t changed radically since its introduction. However the incremental developments and improvements provided by our in-house research keep us at the forefront of successful snoring treatment in Australia.

Overcoming snoring and sleep apnoea disorders

Although results may vary between individuals, the majority of them have stated they experienced a considerable improvement of snoring and sleep apnoea, following our ongoing personalised care and consultation.

Overall, over 85% of the patients had a significant symptomatic improvement of both snoring and sleep disturbance after undergoing a personalised SleepTight treatment at Specialist Clinics of Australia.

One of the SleepTight success stories is Jenny, who is also one of our team members. She has recently joined the team and works at the clinic as a consultant. After having suffered from snoring-based sleep disorders herself, Jenny was able to cure her snoring with the help of SleepTight. She now consults Specialist Clinics of Australia clients and assists them in their quest to quit snoring with the help of SleepTight.

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