Dr Garry Cussell performing the SleepTight treatment.

Dr Garry Cussell discusses the SleepTight laser snoring treatment, how it works and why it’s the most effective anti-snoring laser treatment available.

Video transcript:

The SleepTight procedure is a series of 3 simple treatments each taking between 18 and 20 minutes, it’s not a painful procedure. We heat the soft tissues at the back of the throat which is the soft palate (which is actually the roof of the mouth). This tissue feels warm to hot, but afterwards there’s no immediate signs of any change in terms of redness or swelling, there’s no discomfort afterwards, there’s no change in sensation at the back of the throat, there’s no change in sense of taste or smell. Immediately we can go out and eat or drink, hot or cold or spicy meals, there’s no change at all.

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Laser snoring treatment

If you've tried all the usual snoring solutions without success try SleepTight. Our advanced laser treatment targets the soft tissue at the back of your throat that causes snoring and sleep apnoea. Our experienced sleep consultants will carefully assess your condition and monitor your progress so book a consultation today and discover SleepTight.

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