JULY17 Kristas experience with melanoma v2

“My experience started when I noticed a new growth of skin on my cheek. It started to grow in size a couple of years ago and recently it grew even bigger in size and began to itch.

As a precaution I booked in a Skin Cancer checkup at Specialist Clinics of Australia to get it checked out. The Doctor agreed it was suspicious looking but decided to do a biopsy and remove it as a further pecaution.

I had no doubt in my mind that it was just a harmless growth, but when I got the test results back the Doctor explained to me that the diagnosis was a very rare type of lesion called a Spitz Nevus. He explained that the atypical nature of it had a strong possibility to turn into a melanoma cancer later down the line.

Naturally I was very shocked and wondered, what next? He advised that we do an excision as soon as I could. He explained how big the incision would be and how long I will have stitches in. It seemed a bit scary, however it was a pretty minor procedure at the same time.

The excision took about 15 minutes and was virtually painless. The hardest part was the initial prick of the anaesthetic needle. He explained the after care involved and ways to minimise scarring.

In the weeks to come the area healed up quite quickly and painlessly. It was a good feeling having it out. When the Doctor called me and said it was all out and the margins were clear it really gave me peace of mind.

My spot is healing up nicely and is getting less red by the day. Now a few months later it is only a light pink line that I hardly notice. It is a necessary compromise to have one little scar rather than to have a cancer that has grown later in life.

Unlike other cancers, skin cancer is preventable since it is on the outside of our bodies. It is so easy to have a check once a year, even when you think you are fine like I did. As a person that wears sunscreen everyday on my face it just shows that this can happen to anyone.

I am so thankful I didn’t ignore the warning signs and decided to get checked out. I urge everybody to go and have their yearly skin cancer checkup, people often delay or avoid it, but it’s such an easy thing to do it really is worth it.”

– Krista

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