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When people talk about liposculpture, it is generally assumed more women opt for the cosmetic surgery than men. However, the trends are changing. Over the past few years, more men are seeking the help of plastic and cosmetic surgeons, with liposculpture being one of the most popular treatments.

Why do men resort to liposculpture?

Due to the increased awareness involving advances in medicine, more men are realising they can couple their diet, workout or overall lifestyle with a few cosmetic treatments to achieve a more sculpted physique.

Dr Michael Rich from Specialist Clinics of Australia has a reputation as one of Australia’s leading liposculpture experts, and commonly performs the procedure on men. He feels increased awareness contributes immensely to more men knocking on his door requesting body contouring treatments.

“Media outlets are starting to cover male plastic surgery. By increasing awareness and making it more ‘socially acceptable’, men are starting to realise the different uses, benefits and results available when undertaking liposculpture,” Dr Rich states.

Understanding the implications helps patients make the choice. While women were once the dominant gender in undertaking plastic surgery, men have jumped on the bandwagon and have started to take advantage of the full range of cosmetic surgeries and treatments available to them.

Age is more than just a number

The most frequent users of male liposculpture are in the 50+ age group. There are a number of reasons for this; one of the prominent reasons being increased pressure in both love-life and business performance.

Whilst eating disorders were once mostly associated with women feeling insecure about the way their bodies reflected on their image, more men are starting to relate to these issues and are looking for alternatives to dieting alone.

Additionally, it is a common misconception that with age comes poorer performance in the workplace. Men are in constant competition with younger generations that may be perceived to be able to learn faster and perform better. As as result, some men choose to opt for liposculpture for a younger and fresher look.

How liposculpture works?

Liposculpture involves small incisions in the troubled areas, and are hardly noticable. It is a minimally invasive procedure that is performed under local anesthesia and allows the patient to remain awake for the duration.

The low-risk factors are the main reason liposculpture is one of the most sought after cosmetic surgeries in the world. Men prefer it as it helps create a more defined and more athletic effect.

When men opt for liposculpture to improve their body, they tend to focus on three areas: the neck, the abdomen and the loin. The neck is treated via a small incision under the chin and behind the ear. As the extra fat is removed, the procedure tightens the skin, giving a rejuvenating effect. For the abdomen and loin, incisions are performed across the problem area in a crisscross pattern to allow for even suctioning. Unlike liposuction, liposculpture is a technique that is used to remove less fat but shape the remaining fat so it reflects the underlying muscles.

Cosmetic treatment for Gynaecomastia

Gynaecomastia is described as enlarged male breasts. The condition occurs during a hormone imbalance, that manifests as a decrease in the level of testosterone compared to that of oestrogen.

The imbalance can be influenced by a number of factors; gynaecomastia becomes more comon with age, use of medications like steroids to enhance athletic performance, alcohol and a number of health conditions like hyperthyroidism and kidney failure.

The prevalence of gynaecomastia in men peaks between the ages of 50 and 80. At least 25% of men in this age group are affected. There are no physical complications that can arise from this condition, only emotional ones such a low self-esteem caused by appearance.

When it comes to removing excess fatty tissue, such in cases of gynaecomastia, Dr Rich feels a personalised approach is essential: “We have wonderful consultations with experienced practitioners. This is so we can design a treatment plan specific to each individual’s needs.”

Liposculpture is the main treatment option for men with Gynaecomastia, as it combines two variants: the removal of the fatty tissue and the rearranging of the skin over the underlying structure.

Treating excess weight and obesity with liposculpture

Excess weight and obesity are a medical conditions affecting more than 60% of Australian adults, with a 10% increase since 1995. A person is considered obese when their weight is greater than 45kg above the ideal body weight for sex, and height.

When it comes to surgically treating weight problems, men opt for liposculpture mostly due to the way the fat deposits across the body. Dr Rich states that “Excess fat can be characterised as deep or superficial, because when fat sets in the legs and behind, it does so in two layers.”

The deep layer is somewhat organised. “When recommending treatment, we always look for the pattern for fat deposition to understand how this is deposited and determine the amount.”, Dr Rich states. The deep layer is removed by extracting the excess fat.

The superficial layer is located near the surface of the skin and represents pockets of fat spread unevenly across the fibrous bands. A much thicker layer, this is the main cause of cellulite. Dr Rich explains how liposculpture has revolutionised these surgical procedures, as “It involves not only the extraction, but also the rearrangement of the skin for a smoother and rejuvenated effect.” People often benefit from a skin tightening treatment after liposculpture for an even greater result.

Medical cosmetic treatments are a wonderful way for men to feel younger and more appreciated.

Whether men choose liposculpture as a way to change their lifestyle and health, or simply to look and feel a certain way, any physical change can accompany psychological changes as well. Before opting for any surgical change, patients need to be aware of all factors and then exercise their power of choice.

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