Liposculpture is a minimally invasive treatment that permanently reduces fat and fat cells from a wide variety of areas of the body. It involves instant fat reduction of not only fat, but the fat cells that contain the fat, so the fat will not regrow.

How does it work?

We offer liposculpture as a local anaesthetic procedure using Tumescent anaesthesia. Relatively comfortable, Tumescent anaesthesia is done with mild sedation whilst you are awake, conversing and talking to the surgeon whilst the procedure is being done.

The procedure is all complete in approximately 60 to 90 minutes. It involves only minor 1mm insertion points in a few areas of the skin which usually heal very well.

By using a 1mm in diameter micro-cannula, we are not only able to do it with minimal trauma, this also allows for fine detailed liposculpture allowing maximum fat and fat cell destruction, resulting in much more even and smoother fat removal with less uneven pockets or collections of fat. This is what is commonly found with a lot of liposuction using larger cannulas which is the more common procedure.

The Consultation Process

The initial consultation involves careful assessment of the area and estimation and agreement of the areas to be treated as well as the approximate cost of treatment.

Once a decision has been made to proceed with liposculpture, at a second consultation we will finalise the areas that you wish to proceed with. Detailed photography and measurements are then completed and the procedure is discussed in detail with you. We carefully go through with you the consent forms and the aftercare required. You will be measured for a body garment and given an order form for you to purchase this directly from the wholesaler. We then ask you to arrange a time that is most suitable for you to undertake the procedure. These are usually done on a Friday. You can even come on Friday afternoon after work.

We ask that you return on Saturday morning for a check. Most people are able to go back to work on Monday. You will be wearing a garment full time for 2 weeks and will be a little tender and there is usually not much bruising. People who do strenuous physical activity at work may wish to take the first few days off.

Your next appointment date with us is two weeks before the planned procedure. This is when we finalise the surgery arrangements. We make sure you fully understand the procedure. We weigh and measure you at this time and give you a prescription for preventative antibiotics to be commenced on the day of surgery. We check that you are happy with the pre-treatment photos and check that you have a properly fitting garment and are comfortable in wearing it. We require you to pay a 25% deposit at this visit to proceed with your booking. We then require you to pay the balance due one week before your procedure date.

We carefully go through the procedure consent forms with you. We will give you these written consents to take home and require you to return these signed consents on the day of the procedure.

Treatment Day

On the day of procedure you will arrive at the designated time. You are recommended to have a light breakfast as this is not general anaesthesia and is done whilst you’re awake under local anaesthetic. On arrival you will be given oral medication and when the procedure commences you’ll be given some intramuscular pain killers. These will make you reasonably drowsy, so you will need someone to take you home. It is forbidden under law to drive yourself home after a procedure such as this.

When the procedure is complete you will put on your body garment. We will make an appointment for you to come the following morning to check the wound and to change the dressing. You will be required to wear the body garment full time for two weeks and then for 12 hrs a day for the following two weeks either during the day or at night. Final assessment is made two months after liposculpture and final photography and measurements are completed.

What areas can be treated?

Areas that can be treated with liposculpture include the full abdomen, the flanks/ love handles, back fat, the upper legs, inner and outer thighs and buttock area, male and female breasts, upper arms and indeed under the chin, neck and jowls. We are limited to remove not more than 6 litres of fat in one procedure. We obviously only treat areas where there are significant collections or pockets of fat where it can be removed.

Side effects in everyone include bruising and some soreness for several days or up to a week and some of the skin marks can take months to fade but as they are only 1mm they usually heal very well.

Is it safe?

Tumescent liposculpture has always been considered the safest form of body sculpting procedures and there have been no recorded major complications associated with this form of treatment. This is different to the more major surgical procedure involving general anaesthesia where there have been reported problems.

Side effects in everyone include bruising and soreness for several days or up to a week and some of the skin marks can take months to fade but as they are only 1mm they usually heal very well.

The procedure is done by Dr Michael Rich, an eminent surgical liposculpture expert and cosmetic dermatologist who has been practising this for over 20 years. He has an excellent record of success including even reduction of fat using this excellent technique in fine micro-sculpture including skin tightening.

What does it cost?

Cost estimations are given at initial consultation and a final assessment and quoting is done at the second consultation once the detailed areas to be treated are agreed upon. Most clients pay between $6,000 – $14,000 depending on the number of areas being treated at that time.

Comparative Advantages

Micro-Cannula Liposculpture removes more fat from more areas, more evenly and with a higher degree of skin tightening in comparison to traditional liposuction.

Compared to our permanent non-invasive options UltraShape and Coolsculpting, often it is more more convenient and affordable to come in for a few hours and have all areas of fat removed instantly in the one procedure. It is also better in some areas where the non-invasive options aren’t appropriate. For example small areas or pockets of fat that are close to bone, around the breasts and back fat, under the chin and areas of the legs where there is excess fat that would require multiple treatments with the non surgical treatments.

Your next stage

If you would like to proceed with this treatment, the first plan of action is to decide on the date you prefer. We need to see you on two more occasions, firstly, two weeks before the procedure date to go through your final Liposculpture detailed consultation, which will take 1 hour.

Secondly, we require you to come in one week before for the pre-procedure finalisation meeting which will take approximately 20 minutes.


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