SleepTight snoring treatment

SleepTight demonstrations this week at Specialist Clinics of Australia

SleepTight is a safe, fast non-surgical laser treatment which can significantly reduce, or even stop your snoring.

With over 2,000 treatments to date and a proven international success rate of 85% our revolutionary SleepTight treatment is literally changing people’s lives.

But what is involved in a SleepTight treatment and how does laser treatment work?

This week we are demystifying the SleepTight treatment with demonstrations at our clinic, drop in to Specialist Clinics of Australia (located within the renowned four storey Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia building in Sydney CBD) any time between 12-1pm on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday to find out how SleepTight could help you.

Demonstration times

  • Wednesday 25th, 12-1pm
  • Thursday 26th, 12-1pm
  • Friday 27th, 12-1pm

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If you would like to book a SleepTight consultation to have your level of snoring and sleep apnoea assessed and find out if you are a suitable candidate for the treatment contact us today, there are no obligations.

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