Stress incontinence

Do you find yourself avoiding physical activity like running, or jumping out of fear of leakage? Are you constantly having to wear pads? GynaeLase is a safe, non-invasive laser therapy for the treatment of a weak bladder.

What does it do?
In three sessions it will:
1) Tighten the urethral and anterior vaginal wall so the bladder is better supported
2) Stimulate collagen remodelling and development of new collagen fibres to help you regain your natural continence function.

How does it work?
After childbirth it is common for the bladder to lose its strength and start to sag as it can be seen in diagram 1.


GynaeLase works by targeting the lax skin that supports the bladder with photothermal energy to initially tighten and lift the bladder as can be seen in diagram 2.

Eventually the goal is to restore the continence function that you had pre-childbirth and this is achieved through collagen neogenesis or the creation of new vaginal mucosa tissue and fibres.

What happens during the treatment?
The procedure takes place in our modern surgical suite and is similar to that of a pap smear. If you would like a pap smear conducted at the same time this can be arranged.
During the treatment a laser is used to pass laser light technology into the vagina. The initial heat from the laser causes contraction of lax tissue.
collagen formation begins strengthening, firming and tightening the urethral and anterior vaginal wall.

How long does it take?
Treatment takes 20 to 30 minutes.

How many treatments do I need?
Three treatments recommended one month apart.

What does it feel like?
Clients report feeling a warm sensation in the treatment area. It is not considered a painful treatment that requires any pain relief.

Is there any downtime?
No, GynaeLase is a fast, patient-friendly procedure that doesn’t involve any anaesthesia allowing you to return to your normal routine right away. We do advise to wait one week after treatment before sexual intercourse.

When will I start to notice results?
Optimal results will take place a month after the third treatment where you will notice a definite change to the support of the bladder and return to a more natural continence function.

How long will my results last?
GynaeLase results last a year. This can vary depending on skin laxity and age. When we age, the density of our collagen fibres reduce, therefore overtime the strength and elasticity of our skin will start to sag. In this case the skin supporting the bladder may start to lose its laxity and a maintenance treatment may be required a year or so later. Studies have shown that most people seek a follow up treatment 2 years later.
Repeated maintenance treatments long term will increase new collagen growth and maintain bladder support.

Will it work for everyone?
No, the severity of stress incontinence is due to the amount of laxity of the vaginal tissues in
most cases. This treatment will always tighten and strengthen the vaginal tissue with time. The degree of improvement will somewhat depend of the severity of this laxity. Severe stress incontinence will still probably require surgical intervention. This is a treatment for early stages of stress incontinence. It will also help with the early stages of vaginal prolapse. There are other forms of incontinence that will not be improved with this vaginal tightening and strengthening.
Other benefits
There are many other side benefits of this treatment including the reduction of frequent vaginal infections including bacterial, fungal and yeast infections.
It will also help external vulval infections.
It will also help several conditions causing pain during intercourse (dyspareunia).

Are there any side effects?
There are no side effects with GynaeLase. It is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment; gentle enough to be used on the most sensitive tissue.

Is there any post care required?
No aftercare is required but we do advise to wait a week before sexual intercourse.

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