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You heard right! Kyle and Jackie O spoke with Margarita & Norbert about the amazing benefits of GynaeLase.

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In typical fashion Kyle & Jackie O, the radio couple, probed for all the juicy details of Margarita’s treatment and how it had affected her intimate relationship with husband Norbert, some 12 years her junior.

As strong advocates of GynaeLase laser therapy Margarita & Norbert were happy to oblige, divulging details that even had Sandilands silenced . . . for a few seconds!

Jackie O kicked things off by asking “Tell me Margarita, what made you want to do this?”

In response Margarita detailed the symptoms that brought her to Specialist Clinics of Australia for her course of GynaeLase treatment “There were quite a few issues . . . running to the bus even and having that mild incontinence . . . sneezing . . . coughing . . . multitasking . . . not good . . . and everything felt low”.

These common conditions, suffered by millions women, came as news to Kyle who remarked “And this is a kind of normal thing that a lot of women go through?”

Margarita elaborated “Yeah, normal everyday things . . . and then UTI’s [urinary tract infections], I’d get a lot of infections . . . that’s what I was feeling anyway, it was infections all the time so I was on antibiotics constantly”

Jackie O observed that many of the issues addressed by laser gynaecology are genuine medical conditions rather than superficial cosmetic issues “I think when people think of lasering they think ‘Oh you’re just doing it to tighten your . . . you know!’” and asked “Does the lasering fix all the other stuff?”, and for Margarita “It did!”

Ever keen for carnal communication Kyle pressed Norbert “What do you think of her new vagina, do you like it?”

Norbert didn’t hold back “Yes . . . yes . . . now the lubrication is alright . . . she’s more sensitive and” . . . and suffice to say Norbert’s full response even took Kyle by surprise who admitted “I wasn’t expecting such a graphic display!”

But even the shock jock took time to recognise the implications of laser gynaecology by asking “Would you suggest to other women that are having this sort of problem, because a lot of women get that, all those things you went through, would you suggest that this is life changing for you?”

Margarita duly advised “Ah it’s been fantastic because I was at the thought of going in to have an operation to have the bladder lifted which a lot of girls do . . . but this is non-invasive”

Eager for more details Jackie O quizzed “I need to know what’s involved exactly, and is it painful?”

Margarita explained “No it’s just like having a pap smear . . . you feel little pulses . . . you do it 3 times, once a month for 3 months” and concluded “don’t be embarrassed about it just do and get it done”

As you might expect the interview with Kyle & Jackie O was frank, fun and at times frivolous, but at heart it raised awareness of important women’s health issues which are too often overlooked by main stream media.

So what exactly is GynaeLase and what does it do?

GynaeLase is a revolutionary laser therapy for vaginal issues associated with child birth, menopause or just general ageing.

In three sessions it will:

1) Tighten the vaginal canal: Stimulate the natural regeneration of tissue for longer term elasticity and natural flexibility.

2) Treat atrophy: By restoring mucosa hydration through improved mucosa retention capabilities.

3) Treat urinary stress incontinence: Strengthen, firm and tighten the urethral and anterior vaginal wall that supports the bladder reducing stress incontinence.

How does it work?

Heat from the laser causes immediate contraction of the collagen structure supporting the wall of the vagina and stimulates production of new collagen tissue, gradually strengthening the vaginal wall support. As a result, the vaginal tissue begins strengthening, firming, and tightening the urethral and anterior vaginal wall that supports the bladder – stopping stress incontinence, reducing laxity and reducing prolapse. The laser is also proven to stimulate new vaginal mucosa tissues and fibres increasing natural lubrication.

When will I notice results?

You will feel a difference after the first treatment but full effect will take place a month after the third treatment. You will notice a definite reduction in laxity and stress incontinence, and an increase in lubrication to the delicate area allowing for a more lubricated internal environment and thus more comfort, especially during intercourse.

Why GynaeLase?

  • GynaeLase is a non-surgical and minimally invasive treatment;
  • Lasting results – feel a difference after just one treatment;
  • No downtime – GynaeLase is considered a ‘lunchtime’ treatment.

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