Specialist Clinics of Australia prides itself on its high standards of care and on offering a wide range of medical services. If you are one of our regular clients, you know by now that our clinic offers exceptional care within areas such as skin cancer, snoring & sleep apnoea, gynaecology, obstetrics and liposculpture.

Over the years, we have continued to expand our service offering as we have assembled leading practitioners in their respective fields to deliver a diverse range of specialist medical services from our convenient CBD location.

We were one of the first clinics in Sydney to offer pioneering laser procedures for gynaecological treatments such as VA, VL and mild stress incontinence. Our quit snoring treatment (SleepTight) is transforming people’s lives with an 85% success rate, and our liposculpture body contouring treatment is an enhanced adaptation of traditional liposuction that delivers more tailored, less invasive and precise results with minimal downtime.

As we strive to make our specialist medical services as accessible as possible, we are excited to announce our expansion to multiple locations in 2016, Chatswood being the first phase of our expansion.

In order to support this evolution, we will be updating our brand to reflect better the expansion of our service offering and multiple locations.

Starting February 2016, Specialist Clinics of Australia will be called Specialist Clinics of Australia

Specialist Clinics of Australia

The same quality services, under a new name

Specialist Clinics of Australia is not a new clinic. It is still the friendly and professional clinic you have grown accustomed to. In essence, it is only the name that changes, nothing else. We feel that this change better reflects the centre’s services, locations as well as its objectives.

Things remain the same:

Specialist Clinics of Australia Logos

Our logo has evolved to reflect the expansion from our George Street roots

  • We will maintain the same personalised approach for any treatment option you choose.
  • Our clinic will provide you with the most effective and up to date procedures for skin cancer, gynaecology & obstetrics, snoring, sleep apnoea and liposculpture
  • You will still benefit from:
  • The most advanced skin examination and treatment methods
  • Safe, fast & non-surgical laser treatment for gynaecology, snoring & sleep apnoea
  • State of the art equipment for the best gynaecology care
  • Minimally invasive body sculpting procedures
  • The qualified doctors & nurses that assist you in every area of treatment and follow-up support are still the same experienced professionals you have come to know.
  • Caring for the health and wellbeing of our patients will continue to be our main focus on a day to day basis.
  • All medical procedures for snoring, skin cancer or gynaecology will follow the most advanced examination methods, assessment and treatments as before.

New clinic branch opening in March

As part of our goal to make our clinic’s services available to as many clients as possible, starting in March 2016 you will also find us in a new location in Chatswood. With two locations in Sydney, we are now more accessible than ever.

A new era

We look forward to ushering in this exciting new era so look out for the new name and logo as we begin to roll it out… and rest assured that it is backed by the exceptional standards you are accustomed to.

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Look out for our new name and branding as we roll it out over the coming weeks. In the meantime you can book in at our specialist centre with peace of mind that we remain Sydney’s Centre of Excellence for Speciality Medicine with the same level of expertise and exceptional customer service to which you are accustomed.

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