Below is a summary of a recent story about managing menopause on Today Tonight, featuring our former Gynaecologist, Dr Fariba Willison:

There are a string of symptoms associated with menopause. They can be painful, uncomfortable, and in some cases and embarrassing. Over 70% of women will experience the symptoms at some stage in their lifetime and most will suffer in silence. However, a procedure new to Australia is helping to alleviate these dreaded changes. It’s quick, painless and changing lives for the better.

Many patients report that it has improved intimacy and the burning pain they have experienced has just ‘gone’.

The pioneer of this procedure, Dr Willison, explains, “It is a non-surgical, non-hormonal, minimally invasive, not painful, non-time-consuming and there is no downtime needed”. She believes this treatment could be the answer to many women’s [and perhaps men’s] problems. Some husbands have said that they want to send Dr Willison and a thank you card because the treatment their wife has undergone has restored intimacy in their relationship!

Dr Fariba Willison On Today Tonight62-year-old Diana Caddy was suffering from severe postmenopausal problems. She was having a lot of pain, a lot of dragging sensations and a lot of burning. Pelvic floor surgery only made things worse, having days when she couldn’t get out of bed. Diana reported that the only time she got pain relief was when she was lying in her bed. This situation caused havoc in her relationship. She felt so ill she didn’t want her husband to come anywhere near her.

That was until she was referred by her gynaecologist to Dr Fariba Willison. Dr Willison says, “I have encountered a lot of women who are concerned about the quality of life and is worried about their relationship”. Diana Caddy went through the three-minute treatment and says it is changed her life. She says she would recommend the treatment to anybody.

Dr Willison is the first in Australia to use laser to treat postmenopausal symptoms. She explained that it is a new concept for gynaecologists that they can now use the same principles inside the genitalia to rejuvenate their structure as well as the surface area which helps to eliminate urinary symptoms as well as the sensations that they have.

This procedure, the MonaLisa Touch is one of our GynaeLase treatments and has been successfully used overseas for years. Two years ago Dr Willison conducted a trial offering the laser therapy to 100 of her patients. It proved a success. In the Today Tonight interview, Dr Willison states, “this treatment will reduce prolapse by 50%, stress incontinence by 50% and painful intercourse by 93%.”

To view the full story featured on Today Tonight about managing menopause with the MonaLisa Touch Laser, click the image below:

Dr Fariba Willion Today Tonight Managing Menopause

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