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Chrissy Teigen created a buzz last week when she shared a photo of herself steaming her vagina on Instagram. While we don’t recommend vaginal steaming (it can put you at risk of burns and infections) it is empowering to see more celebrities speak openly and bravely about vaginal care.

Most notable is Jada Pinkett Smith’s recent episode of Red Table Talk in which she and her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Jones, visited a clinic in Los Angeles to discuss laser vaginal rejuvenation. On their way there, Pinkett-Smith spoke about women getting these treatments to improve sex for their partners, but it’s important to “do it for yourself” she proclaimed.

As women transition through menopause, sex can become uncomfortable and even painful due to dryness and vaginal atrophy. Patients are sometimes reluctant to discuss the issue, only 25% of women experiencing vaginal atrophy seek help, though they needn’t be. It’s a very common symptom of menopause and it can be relieved with gynaecological laser treatments.

On Red Table Talk, Banfield-Jones spoke to clinic-owner Kelly Rainey, about laser treatment for dryness (another common menopausal symptom) and Pinkett-Smith shared her experience getting a laser treatment for bladder problems, which “completely went away after three treatments,” she said, “plus, my yoni is like a 16 year old’s…it looks like a beautiful little peach.”

With age, and even after having children, the pelvic floor can stretch and lose elasticity, causing urinary leakage, especially when laughing or sneezing. When approaching menopause, dryness and painful sex becomes more common as well.

Vaginal laser treatments are conducted using a small handpiece that emits energy to induce heat inside the vaginal wall. The heat improves blood flow and stimulates collagen production, which tightens and strengthens the tissue, relieving many of the above symptoms.

The Kardashians popularised the ThermiVa laser when Khloe Kardashian stated publicly that her sisters had treatments after having children. The procedure is becoming more common for mothers experiencing incontinence or wanting to regain tightness and elasticity for their own benefit. ThermiVa is just one of the machines that we use in our Gynaelase program at Specialist Clinics of Australia. Because every woman is unique, it’s important to be assessed for which laser is most appropriate to you.

Here in Australia, one of our own patients did a radio interview to share her experience with incontinence and Gynaelase. She regained a lot of confidence with her results and wanted more women to know about it.

The reason it’s empowering to see women in media speak openly about these treatments is because it creates a more grounded and comfortable environment for women who experience things like painful sex, dryness, laxity and incontinence. Laser vaginal rejuvenation is a breakthrough for women’s health and confidence alike.

Watch the full episode of Red Table Talk here.



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