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After 10 years and plenty of good memories at our current location, the time has come to refresh our office space. At the end of this month, our CBD clinic will move across the road, to 254 George Street.  Rest assured, we’ll still have the same state of the art equipment, high level of service and experienced doctors and nurses to welcome patients to the new location.

One proud accomplishment that has come out of our current clinic was the development of our SleepTight program for snoring and sleep apnoea. When we started using laser technology to tighten and contract the tissue at the back of the throat, we determined that it was important to take a multi-faceted approach. In addition to laser treatments, we offered review consultations and discussed patients’ lifestyle habits that can contribute to snoring, such as alcohol consumption. We also paired the treatment with a monitor that records sleep data and gives the patients important reminders.

In our own extensive research and development study, we saw an 88% success rate (as of April 2018) with patients who complied with the program, and we’ve delivered 4,298 successful treatments in to date.

We’ve also successfully treated over 300 female patients for urinary incontinence and encouraged them to speak openly about it. As many as one in four sexually active women suffer from some sort of urinary incontinence, and up to 50% of women with urinary incontinence remain undiagnosed. Our efforts had such success that one of our patients even went on KISS FM to share her experience with Kyle and Jackie O and their audience!

Reflections and milestones aside, the new location looks both professional and spectacular. It sits inside a beautiful sandstone building where we’re doing some refurbishments of our own.

We’ll have an accessible ramp at the entrance and we’re constructing new treatment rooms to offer our patients the highest level of comfort and privacy.

Most of all, we look forward to continuing our care for current patients, welcoming new ones and offering access to the latest treatment options with thoroughly tested, state of the art equipment.

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