In this video, Dr Michael Rich explains the advantages of having breast reduction with liposuction. It is a less invasive cosmetic surgery procedure than traditional breast surgery, making it popular with both men and women.

What Are The Advantages Of Breast Reduction With Liposuction?

Breast reduction has become a really big subject in the liposuction area. It is a treatment, which is much less invasive than the surgical procedure. It involves little discomfort, the recovery process in quick and easy, and complications are extremely infrequent. The procedure is an excellent treatment when applied to the proper patient.

Breast reduction by traditional procedure

“Initially breast reduction in women has been carried with a surgical procedure called reduction mammoplasty. This involves having a cut on the side and below the breast while the patient is under the general anaesthesia. Also, with reducing the size of the breast, the nipple has to be reattached,” says Dr Rich.

With the surgical procedure, the scarring can be significant, the re-attaching of the nipple can lead to the loss of sensation in sexual function, and breastfeeding can certainly becomes difficult.

Overall, reduction mammoplasty is a largely invasive procedure, which requires months of painful convalescence period after the surgery.

Breast reduction by liposuction

“Breast reduction by liposuction is not exactly comparable,” says Dr Rich. “The surgical procedure does lift breasts more and, in older ladies, breasts can look as if the person was 16 years old again.”

Having said that, breast reduction by liposuction is a much simpler procedure as it involves just 2-3 little holes and leaves no scarring. The downtime in minimal and you can go back to work after a few days rest. Also, the procedure requires no hospital admission.

What happens during the procedure?

“Just as before a surgical procedure, prior to carrying out liposuction on the breast, you have to have a mammogram test done to check that there are no untoward problems in the area and to assess the percentage of fat. If there isn’t much fat in the breasts, if there are only glands and soft tissue, liposuction is not a recommended procedure. However, most people have enough fat, which can be removed with limited discomfort in order to significantly reduce breast size,” says Dr Rich.

How many bra cup sizes can women expect to go down?

It differs from person to person but we can certainly assume that going down two cup sizes is achievable.

While the surgical procedure guarantees elevation and retraction of the breasts, with breast reduction by liposuction we can’t absolutely guarantee that. Everything depends on the percentage of fat that you’ve got in your breast. However, “in just about every case that we do, there is some retraction and elevation of the breasts,” says Dr Rich.

4 thoughts on “What Are The Advantages Of Breast Reduction With Liposuction?”

  1. A says:

    I would like to know more about/free consultation on breast reduction through liposuction

    1. Specialist Clinics of Australia says:

      Hi A, we will contact you privately to organise a consultation, otherwise you can book a lipo consultation here:

      1. GB says:

        Do you do any of this in cairns and on the public cost system? I am unable to have a mammogram and my left breast is 6 times bigger than my right and I cannot buy any clothes that fit because of it. I cannot travel as I am on constant oxygen Due too ? pulmonary Hypertension
        I do have private health insurance and I would only consider a nerve block not GA.
        I am on Biologicals and high dose cortisone at the moment and this will not go away soon.

        1. Sandra says:

          Hi GB
          We are located in Sydney NSW, we do not have a clinic is Queensland sorry. Our LipoSculpture treatment is not
          covered by the public system or Medicare. If you are able to travel to Sydney in the future you are most welcome
          to contact us for a free consultation about LipoSculpture on 1300889935. Thank you.

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