Best Results From Liposuction

“Investing in a skilled and qualified surgeon is the basic step you should take when considering liposuction. It will assure that the procedure is done with knowledge, experience and care,” says Dr. Michael Rich from Specialist Clinics of Australia in Sydney.

Once your procedure is done, is there anything you can do to support achieving best results?

Heal with compression garment

To heal after the procedure, your body will fill the treated area with fluid. This means that swelling will appear and some bruising perhaps too. In order to facilitate your body dealing with the changes that the procedure introduced, wearing a compression garment will prove very beneficial as it will:

  • Help to reduce the pain
  • Alleviate the swelling
  • Help the body to take on its new desired shape

You should wear the compression garment for minimum of two weeks after the procedure or at least until the swelling has subsided. “I advise my patients to wear the garment for 6 weeks after the procedure,” says Dr. Rich.

Healthy diet is a must

Make sure that you stay hydrated and drink plenty of water after the procedure. The swelling of your body requires that you provide enough liquid to prevent dehydration.

Once you’ve got rid of the unwelcome fat deposits, you can maintain the great slimmer look for longer if you restrict your fat and calorie consumption. This is going to ensure a visible long-term result of the liposuction.

Although the body area that had undergone the procedure will not accumulate fat easily, getting the kilograms that you’ve lost is still a viable option if you don’t watch yourself. The more careful you are, the longer you maintain the great results of liposuction.

Since liposuction should not be considered a substitute to a healthy diet and weight-loss, you should be aware that keeping your eating habits in check will enhance the benefits of the procedure.

Don’t forget to exercise

You should avoid intense exercise for 4 weeks after the procedure, giving your body the time to heal. However, moderate and light exercise is necessary.

Avoid sedentary lifestyle and choose light exercise, such as walking, that will help you reduce the possibility of blood clots, which is a standard complication that can occur after any surgery.

Exercise will help you naturally slip back into your lifestyle after the procedure. Additionally, having less fat in your body means that the effects of exercise show more quickly. This has a tendency to motivate people to continue with the exercise and healthy diet as seeing lasting results appear quickly, gives a boost of confidence and good energy.

What about the long term results?

Healing after the procedure is a very individual thing and should not be thought of in general terms as some people heal more quickly than others.

What you can expect, though, is that the initial swelling will go down in the first few weeks with the residue swelling lasting for a few months. In this time, your skin will start to tighten up – a process that may take several months to complete and which you might support by physical exercise.

Although there is no standardised recovery time for all people, the long-term results from liposuction are the same for all patients.

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